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There are many questions and multiple unknowns associated with molecular therapies, and ultimately the complexities of these cutting-edge therapies require a deep and detailed awareness of the disease, the patient and the therapy.

Ways We Can Help

As your subject matter expert, TGCA shares our knowledge of the intricacies of molecular therapies, facilitating the identification of clinical characteristics associated with optimal outcomes.

We help you understand and evaluate these innovative and transformative drugs and biologics to assess the associated value and risks. Ultimately, our goal is to help you ensure the right patient receives the right product.

Our Services Include:


  • Clinical data: pre-clinical, trial, and real-world data
  • Economic data: drug costs, total costs, and follow-up costs
  • Real-world efficacy vs clinical trial efficacy
  • Pre-approval Information Exchange


  • Underlying therapeutic biology, including risks, contraindications, and side effects
  • Cost-benefit assessment
  • Comparison of therapeutic modalities, including standard of care vs new therapies


  • Value-based contracting, real-world milestones and timeline support
  • Formulary structuring guidance
  • Prior authorization recommendations

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